Low impact, natural & sustainable farming.

Heritage pork, chicken and eggs raised in a low intensive, low stress environment. Just the way it should be.



Pork Sales

We sell pork by the half or whole, delivered to a USDA processor, and by the cut at the Elmwood-Bidwell Saturday mornings!
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Chicken Sales

Whole frozen chickens. Our chickens are pasture raised and not fed antibiotics. Each bird is processed on-farm whole, shrink bag packed, and frozen.
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Egg Sales

Fresh Free Range Eggs! We now have eggs available at the Elmwood Bidwell Market Saturdays and on the farm. Every egg is less than 6 DAYS old!!
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Restaurants and Retail

We are proud to say that our products can be found on the menus of fine local restaurants and meat shops.
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Our Family began raising Tamworth and Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS) pigs to help us reclaim our rough farmland. Our farm had not been active for almost 40 years prior to us taking ownership. After researching ways to develop the land back into pastures and hedge rows, we decided that a low impact, natural, sustainable method was what we would pursue. We have also added a few Large Black, and Red Wattle crossed sows.
Our Swine. The Tamworth and GOS are excellent on pasture. We have successfully used them as brush hogs, rooter tillers, and fertilizers. After they open up the land, we follow with the planting of pastures. The pigs are put on pastures using rotational grazing. This provides them with the high protein diet they require, but also allows them to range free. Raising pigs on pasture also has other benefits.

Our pigs are healthy and happy. We do not supplement their diets with antibiotics. Raising them in this low intensive manner provides a low stress environment where disease is not an issue. The pork from our pigs is delicious! Our customers consistently remark how it tastes like pork used to taste, before factory farms took over.

Our Meat. The meat is typically a little darker than commercial pork. It also has more texture, and more flavor. The Tamworth is best known as a bacon hog, whereas the GOS is more fatty of an animal that has perfect characteristics for charcuterie products. Both of these heritage breeds are excellent on the table.

We sell pork by the half or whole, delivered to a USDA processor, and by the cut at the markets listed on this website.

Finishing Pigs on Special Feed. We are excited to have the pleasure to be working with Woodcock Brothers Brewery, to complete another aspect of keeping food local. We are now finishing our heritage pigs with the addition of spent barley from this fine local establishments! The pigs love it, and are happier than ever! We also have the pleasure of feeding stems of mushrooms from Niagara Mushroom!